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Your first visit to Prairie Sinus Ear & Allergy PC involves a few special steps to begin your personalized care journey. Practical information you may need are provided below, such as a map and directions to our office(s), practice hours, payment policies and more. We also describe our first visit procedures. You can even save time by completing new patient information through our ONLINE CHECK IN PROCESS in advance of your appointment.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Patient Care Team members at (701) 805-8057

PATIENT FORMS:  We are please to provide ELECTRONIC FORMS CHECK IN.  An email link will be sent to you a couple of days before your visit so that you may complete this process in the comfort of your own home or business. 

WHAT TO EXPECT:  We strive to obtain needed information from your medical history in advance of your visit to provide the best possible care. You may also wish to prepare for the visit which may also help relieve any unnecessary anxiety you may be feeling. Educate yourself on your symptoms by reviewing the content on this Web site. Also, take some time to review our staff page and familarize yourself with the doctors. We look forward to your first visit.

NEW PATIENTS:  We will be asking you alot of questions much like at a new family doctor office, in order to provide comprehensive Allergy-Otolaryngic care.  Your Sinus Ear and Allergy health often overlaps with your general health which is why we provide a holistic approach to your healthcare.

ONLINE SCHEDULING:  Now available for COVID VACCINATION,  FLU VACCINATION, or TELEHEALTH services on most days including some evenings or Saturdays, for your convenience.


1. A nurse will spend approximately 15-20 minutes to review your basic health care history which is needed to provide you with the best health care treatment options. They have usually reviewed your historic medical records in advance but we may request additional information from you in order to obtain relevant records for your presenting concerns. 

2. The physician will spend approximately 15-30 minutes to pull all the information provided together and may recommend additional testing procedures such as a hearing test, nasal endoscopy with small scopes, allergy testing, or imaging studies. The first new patient visit may be part telephone health history review with nursing or physician staff in advance of coming in to the office for which you will only be billed one service fee.

3. Please expect to spend 15 minutes with an electronic check in process of which information will be sent DIRECTLY TO YOUR ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD.  You may expedite this process with our ONLINE CHECK IN prior to your visit! If you are unable to utilize our electronic systems, please contact the office and we will coordinate alternative options. 

4. We strive to provide many services to you under one roof, to minimize your waiting between appointments, and to get you back to health as soon as possible.

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